Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3: The Beats Solo 3 and Beats Solo Pro are what you may be looking for if you want full-featured Beats headphones with outstanding noise isolation.

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3

The Beats Solo 3 and Beats Solo Pro are what you may be looking for if you want full-featured Beats headphones with outstanding noise isolation. They are both in-ear headphones. So let’s compare the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 now.

These are two of the most recognisable Beats headphones on the market. However, it might be difficult to tell the difference between the Solo Pro and Solo 3 Wireless at first glance.

Both of them are Bluetooth on-ear headphones made for moderate to vigorous activity; the latter is the newest model. The Solo Pro headphones are noise-cancelling, whereas the Solo 3 headphones are regular Bluetooth headphones.

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Key Differences

Before we dive into the technicalities and intense parts of the comparison, here’s a quick comparison overview:

Solo 3 vs. Beats Solo Pro: Key Difference Battery life for the Beats Solo Pro is up to 22 hours with ANC and 40 hours without ANC. The Beats Solo 3 has a 40-hour battery life.
The Beats Solo Pro takes one hour and forty-five minutes to charge, according to our tests of it with the Beats Solo 3. As opposed to the Beats Solo 3, which takes about two hours.
Both headphones have quick charging capabilities, however the Beats Solo Pro offers 3 hours of playtime from a 10-minute charge while the Beats Solo 3 offers the same playback duration from only a 5-minute charge.
Beats Solo Pro has a built-in

Now that you have enough broad knowledge, let’s start the thorough comparison piece by piece.

What initially springs to mind while searching for a new set of headphones?

It needs to be the design and style. Right?

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Style and Design

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Style and Design

There are no sharp edges on the Beats Solo 3’s soft, rounded exterior.

The Beats Solo 3 Headphones are sturdy and fashionable despite having a plastic casing. Additionally, although the imitation leather padding seems cosy, it actually has a stiff plastic shell that bends easily and can break.

On the other hand, the Beats Solo Pro Headphones are pretty stylish. The matte finish and titanium headpiece make them feel more opulent than the Solo 3.

The headband on Solo Pro is sufficiently wide and upholds Beats aesthetic tradition. These headphones are on-ear, yet they have the appearance of being over-the-ear due to their size. They have a few metallic components, such as the headband and the connection point between the headpiece and the earcups.

Despite the fact that both models share the Beats ideal of elegant lines and a seamless appeal, the Beats Solo Pro is smaller and has a more straightforward design. If you desire something more elegant, the Solo Pros’ steel is a particularly alluring architectural feature. There are 6 different colour options for them.

The Solo 3’s construction is decent but not superior than that of the Solo Pro.


Although not much, the Solo 3 is somewhat more compact than the Solo Pro. The Beats Solo 3 headphones are more manageable and portable. They fit neatly in your bag when not in use, and when draped across your collar, they seem less noticeable.

For on-ear headphones, the Beats Solo Pro Headphones are rather large. For everyday use, they are nevertheless more portable than non-folding, full-sized over-ear earpieces.

Both headphones include soft storage cases that allow you to compact them into a far more convenient arrangement. Their soft coverings, however, aren’t as robust as hard cases. Even the most costly Solo Pro doesn’t have a carrying case, which is disappointing. A protective case is included with a few other, less costly headphones to keep them secure.

The Solo 3 may be protected with a soft case. However, the more expensive Solo Pro could need a hard shell case.

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Comfort


Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Comfort

Regarding comfort, the two headphones will offer sufficient padding due to their wide and plush design. We were quite satisfied with both throughout our testing in terms of comfort.

Furthermore, their easily retractable headbands ensure that you’ll get the perfect fit. Additionally, as the head moves, they are prevented from easily slipping off by a significant compressive force.

Because of how they are both designed, airflow is fairly airy. They are unable to hold heat under the silicone plugs. In contrast to over-ear headphones, airflow is sufficient, enabling your ears to breathe freely.

Beats Solo Pro weighs more than Solo 3 and is also larger. So, if you use it continually, it could feel heavy on your head.

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Sound Quality


Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Sound Quality

We came to the conclusion after testing both headphones that, despite their similar outward looks, the acoustic properties of these two headphones are very different.

The audio gets bassier starting with Beats Solo 3, which makes it perfect for genres like electronic and hip-hop music. It has slightly enhanced lower frequencies that build to a snappy, boomy bottom.

You will enjoy these headphones if you like bass. The Beats Solo Pro, on the other hand, is the perfect option if you like more neutral sounds.

When listening to vintage songs with heavy bass, we were astounded by how wonderfully the Beats Solo 3 Headphones captured the deep notes. But the mids seem underwhelming, and the lead components and vocals could sound muddy.

The highs on the Beats Solo 3 are quite boring but yet realistic. The finest thing is that when listening to high-pitched vocalists and equipment recordings, sharpness and sibilance won’t be a problem.

The Beats Solo Pro, on the other hand, has a well balanced sonic signature suitable for a variety of musical genres. However, it does result in the emphasised lows for which Beats by Dre are renowned. The subwoofer is a touch too powerful, but it still sounds crisp and not sloppy.

The Beats Solo Pro outperforms the competition when comparing the midrange of these two headphones, and its mids are a little bit more direct and crisp.

In relation to Solo Pro’s

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Connectivity


Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Connectivity

What are the connection differences between the Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3?

It really is nothing,

These headphones have top-notch Bluetooth technology that allows for a wide bandwidth. However, they do not support multi-device syncing or NFC.

Anyhow, pairing is quick and easy, especially with Apple goods.

While there is barely any wait on iOS and Android, there is a sizable delay on PC.

The Solo 3 has the additional benefit of supporting both Bluetooth and cable connection.

The Beats Solo 3 Headphones have a 3.5 mm audio cord that enables you to switch between wireless and wired modes when the power is low or you want no-latency communication.

You may, however, utilize the Solo Pro in wired mode

Bluetooth Capabilities


As you are well aware, the Beats Solo Pro has an H1 processor, which has a number of advantages. For instance, switching between your iCloud devices is simple when you are connected to them.

The microprocessor also ensures that when connected to an iPhone, the headphones last longer and produce excellent sound.

Additionally, the Solo 3 has a W1 processor, which would be the H1 chip’s predecessor. It performs the same tasks as the H1 chip, however the H1 chip is superior in every way.

For instance, Siri is accessible on both chipsets. You can still activate Siri with the H1 chip by saying, “Hey Siri.” There is no need to hit any keys beforehand.

Both headphones have excellent wireless capabilities, however they don’t support NFC and can’t simultaneously reply to many systems. Instead, especially when utilising Apple goods, their Bluetooth connecting procedures are simple.

On the other hand, there are several connection choices with the Solo 3. For instance, you may switch to wired mode if the batteries run out or if you want communication with the least amount of delay with these headphones because they come with an audio cord. The sound wire is completed with a 3.5 mm analogue connection that is universally compatible with many of these portable devices.

To use the Solo Pro in wired mode, you will require a Lightning to 3.5 mm headphone connector.

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Battery Life


Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Battery Life

Long-lasting batteries are available in both the Solo Pro and Solo 3, albeit the former is recommended. They significantly outlive the majority of Bluetooth over-ear and on-ear headphones with a single charge lasting up to forty hours.

If you use them for a few hours each day, they may last a whole week on a single charge.

If the ANC and transparent modes are off, the Solo Pro’s claimed 40-hour battery life is significantly reduced. With ANC turned on, they can run for up to 22 hours, which is still respectable and comparable to many other noise-canceling headphones. Their 22-hour charge with ANC activated and 40-hour life with ANC disabled battery life are equivalent to the Beats Studio3’s.

The Solo 3 and Solo Pro recharge rapidly; they are fully recharged in only two hours. The Solo 3 offers 3 hours of gameplay after only 5 minutes of charging thanks to its fast-charge technology. The Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones are regarded as the finest headphones for online learning with maximum battery life because of its excellent battery life. You’ll need to charge the Solo Pro for 10 minutes to get the same result in terms of battery life.

We found that the battery life of these headphones was comparable to what the manufacturer had promised.

The Solo Pro is inferior than the Beats Solo 3 in terms of battery life. However, we must remember that the Solo 3 are not ANC headphones. Additionally, you will need to make some compromises if you want anything beautiful.

Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Controls and Ease of Use


Beats Solo Pro vs Solo 3 – Controls and Ease of Use

We found that the controls on the Solo Pro and the Solo 3 are quite similar. Both include on-cup buttons that are easy to use and readily available for basic functions like noise control and phone and audio monitoring. Unfortunately, they are easy to understand and have settings that are not unduly restrictive.

On the Solo Pro, a small button at the base of the left earpads acts as an additional control for switching between transparency mode and (ANC). Additionally, they are easily turned on and off by just unfolding and folding them.

The Solo 3 features a controller on either side of the sound line, allowing for basic wired mode functionality. Similar to the on-cushion control layout, the in-line control has three components, a microphone, and is quite straightforward. Since the Solo Pro doesn’t already have an acoustic wire, it doesn’t come with an in-line controller.

You can find all the playback controls and call setup options on the left side of the headphones.

The left “b” pushbutton has access to the pause/play and response call buttons.

Press it twice to skip a track, then three times to go back to the previous one. Then, to enable voice control, press and hold this button.

Pushing the top half of the “Beats” symbol raises volume while pushing the bottom section causes loudness to drop.

The biggest modification is the addition of an unique ANC or transparency mode switch on the left ear cup of the Beats Solo Pro.

Beats Solo Pro vs. Solo 3 – Additional Features


Beats Solo Pro vs. Solo 3 – Additional Features

We tested both of them and found that, owing to its ANC, the Solo Pro provides far more noise reduction than the Solo3. They fall short of the majority of best noise-cancelling headphones, such the Sony WH-1000XM3 and the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, in terms of quality. They are effective in reducing outside noise, though.

They are effective for stopping bus and aeroplane motors. They are particularly effective for removing background noise from offices, such as conversations and air conditioning equipment.

While the Solo Pro is less comfortable to use on long flights and excursions and for longer hours at the office, it is by far the better pair of headphones for commuting, travelling, and office use. Active noise cancellation is a highly useful feature.

If such a situation arises, you may easily switch to transparency mode. However, at higher volumes, their noise dispersion is also restricted, preventing nearby people from being affected by your loud audio.

The Solo3 is less effective in removing background noise in congested or noisy areas because it has a limited design that offers adaptive noise isolation on either side. By turning up the music volume, you might require them to block out background noise, but be warned that sound will escape through them at louder settings.


Although they have more audio leaking, this shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re playing music loudly in a quiet place like a library.

Microphone and Call Quality


Microphone and Call Quality

The Beats Solo Pro and Solo 3 include embedded mics, with the Solo Pro’s sensor managing noise well.

There will be background noise while you talk, but your vocal will always be audible.

Even if you’re on a crowded sidewalk, the listener of the line should be able to listen to you.

The noise management of the Solo 3 mic, on the other hand, is poor.

Even in fairly noisy surroundings, it has trouble distinguishing your speech from the background noise. For example, if you accept a phone in a noisy environment, the headphones will muffle your sound.

As a result, when we tested out these headphones, we knew that the Solo Pro was a better option.

Last Words

Observably, Beats Solo Pro has prevailed in all except the tied parts.

We thus strongly advise Beats Solo Pro over Beats Solo 3 as a consequence.

The Solo Pro headphones are more premium since they have better sound quality, additional features, and a more durable build.

Additionally, Solo Pros are better suited for blocking out outside noise in a busy area because of their enhanced insulation and ANC.

Additionally, it boasts the most recent Apple H1 CPU, which offers a wireless connection that is more reliable.

Now that we’ve revealed the overall winner, our task is complete.

Beats Solo Pro is the best Beats headphone out of the Solo 3 and Solo Pro models.

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