AirPods for Kids: Are They Safe?

AirPods for Kids: Are They Safe?: We have advice for you if you adore Apple AirPods but are unsure if you should let your children use them. We receive at least 10 to 15 inquiries on the safety of AirPods for children almost every week.

AirPods for Kids: Are They Safe?AirPods for Kids: Are They Safe?

We have advice for you if you adore Apple AirPods but are unsure if you should let your children use them. We receive at least 10–15 questions asking if AirPods are safe for children almost every week.

AirPods are no longer only a parenting trend. Children as young as six years old are reportedly using Apple’s wireless earphones, known as AirPods, according to a Wall Street Journal story. Therefore, parents’ growing anxiety about their children’s incessant pestering for these pricy wireless earphones. After all, the finest wireless earphones for the iPhone are AirPods. They are therefore costly and vulnerable to theft.

AirPods Are Safe for Kids

Yes, it is accurate. Kids can use AirPods without risk, but there is a caveat. As parents, you must make sure that the AirPods’ mix of loudness, use time, comfort, and fit is appropriate for your children.

Your children’s hearing may be harmed by prolonged loud listening. There is no data on the appropriate age for children to wear earbuds or headphones. Additionally, there is no suggested age range for AirPods. You are the greatest judge in this situation, thus.

Kids Need Earbuds and Headphones for Online Learning

Schools have been obliged to transition to online learning and instruction because of the current COVID-19 pandemic scenario. The demand for the finest earphones for kids is growing as a result. Others prefer utilising the finest headphones for online learning and teaching, even if some parents believe earbuds like the AirPods are better for their children. Regardless of the technology you select, you must make sure your children are using it responsibly.

How to Make AirPods Safe for Kids – Quick Guide

As was already said, AirPods are not harmful to your children’s ears. You must, however, watch out for how your children are using the AirPods. Before allowing your children to use AirPods, bear the following factors in mind as well.

1. Ensure the Volume Is Not Too High

Ensure the Volume Is Not Too High

Earbuds that are loudly playing music can damage hearing much like loud motorbike and chainsaw noises might. Motorbikes and chainsaws both produce noise at roughly 100 decibels (enough to damage an adults hearing ability after half an hour).

Earbuds at 80% of their volume might also impair your child’s ability to hear. Hearing loss might result from repeatedly using the AirPods and turning up the volume.

Loud sound damages extremely sensitive ear structures, resulting in noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Nevertheless, if your children are using AirPods properly, the problem is entirely avoidable. The 60:60 rule is advised by physicians.

2. Follow the 60:60 Rule

Follow the 60:60 Rule

The 60:60 ratio is the simplest and most effective approach to make sure your children are using AirPods properly. The first requirement of this guideline is that children should only use 60 percent of the maximum volume whether playing games, watching movies, or listening to music. Second, students should restrict their daily AirPod usage to no more than 60 minutes.

3. Check for Sound Leakage

Check for Sound Leakage

Checking for sound leaking from the AirPods is another easy-to-use and intriguing way to make sure the level is not too high. Reduce the level till you can’t hear it any more.

4. Set Volume Restriction

Set Volume Restriction


The “Restrictions” function on Apple devices lets you set volume limits, which is a good thing. You only need to access “Settings” on your Apple device and enter your password to establish volume limitations. As an alternative, you may restrict the volume without a password by utilising the Music settings.

You can benefit from volume-limiting Android applications if you’re using AirPods with an Android device. Simply search for “volume-limit applications for kids” in the “Google Play Store.” There are several of these apps available on the Play Store.

You may set a volume cap for the PC games, music, or films your children are playing if they are using AirPods and Google Chrome. Simply establishing a “Supervisor User” is all that is required. Here’s how you can do it.

5. Evaluate the Fit

Evaluate the Fit

Children’s ears might hurt from AirPods that don’t fit correctly inside their ears. For ultimate comfort, Apple provided a variety of ear tips with the AirPods. Therefore, be sure to use the appropriate ear tips for your children.

Uncomfortable earbuds might be brought on by the fact that they are worn inside the ear canal. Furthermore, the amount of discomfort may be significantly higher if your child has ear sensitivity.

6. Educate Your Kids About Choking Hazards

Educate Your Kids About Choking Hazards

A seven-year-old boy swallowed one of his AirPods last year. When he was taken to the hospital, x-rays showed that the AirPod was positioned below his ribs. Unsettling, huh? Even if everything worked out in the end and the youngster was released following treatment, you still need to teach your children about the dangers of choking. Just like their toys, young children can put the AirPods in their mouths.

Final Reflections

In conclusion, there is no definitive response to the query “Are AirPods safe for kids?” As you surely have read in this piece, you cannot help but provide your children earbuds or headphones to aid in their ability to concentrate during certain situations, such as online learning. However, you can always make sure your children are handling AirPods correctly. We gave you six simple yet effective ways to secure the AirPods for your children. You don’t need to worry about anything else; just follow them.


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